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Architech harnesses the power of _Core v1.3 to instantly deploy new concepts.

Functions include:


the core [dot] subdomain installs in minutes to deploy a new _Core environment. a simple and intuitive object-oriented operating system allows for fast platform back-end manipulation.


_System is the front-end (i.e. website, store front, dashboard, and/or app). _System offers a vast library of proprietary themes utilizing dynamic _Blocks to hot swap hundreds of powerful web components.


tHE _Core engine is founded on data. a centralized datasource allows instant pre-built data migrations. Custom data inputs and outputs deploy on the fly to create unique views to crucial platform info and key indicators.


Wave 1 IS powered by an internal CRM and user base called _connect. Architech controls each asset ENTITY; therefore, user engagement and identity graphing is available in real-time.


_CORE REPLACES POPULAR TOOLS SUCH AS: SLACK (VIA _COMMS), ASANA (VIA _TASKS]. SALESFORCE [VIA _CONNECT], and more. Access to these tools allow deep integration between operations and the end product to optimize performance.

_ctrl AI

CTRL (CONTROL) AI is _Core's powerful neural network. _Ctrl AI applies ML models to transform asset front-ends to optimize UX and conversions. _Block elements re-configure in real-time based on user engagement across the network.